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Protect centrally your most vulnerable institutions with an official EU protective DNS resolver

What is DNS4EU?

 DNS4EU is an initiative by the European Commission with the goal of providing a European DNS resolver as an alternative to the prevailing public DNS resolvers in the market.


Its base lies in the cornerstone EU documents such as the Cybersecurity Strategy of the EU.

The purpose of DNS4EU is to provide EU citizens and institutions with a secure, privacy compliant, and powerful recursive DNS.


The goal is to create an independent EU-based DNS protection with real-time reaction on threats with easy distribution to the citizens and institutions.

DNS4EU for governments

EU governmental institutions and citizens currently face inadequate protection, characterized by slow responses to emerging threats.


Enhance the security of your government or institutional infrastructure at the DNS level. DNS4EU for Governments provides centralized protection for various government entities, including hospitals, schools, offices, and courts.


Thanks to this project, institutions, companies and EU citizens will benefit from the shared threat intelligence network which will be able to quickly address threats specific to the EU countries.

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