Webinar: DNS4EU introduction for ISPs

Here is a short report of the DNS4EU webinar for ISPs organised by Whalebone and supported by EuroISPA.


On January 31st, Whalebone hosted a pivotal webinar on the DNS4EU project, drawing over 70 participants from EuroISPA membership and the ISP segment.

The session unfolded in three key segments:

  1. Project Introduction and Technical Insights:
    Adam Merka, Whalebone's Technical Consultant, initiated the webinar by introducing the DNS4EU project's main pillars and principles. His technical expertise provided attendees with a solid understanding of the project's foundation.
  2. Legal Framework:
    Hans Graux, ICT Lawyer at Timelex, delved into the legal aspects surrounding DNS4EU. Clarifying potential legal implications, he emphasized the importance of compliance and accountability in the project's implementation.
  3. Practical Implications for ISPs:
    Lorenzo Bracci, Whalebone's Account Executive, concluded the webinar by addressing how DNS4EU would impact ISPs.His presentation focused on the use of DNS infrastructure for security and content filtering services.

In conclusion, the webinar organised by Whalebone was a resounding success, marked by active participant engagement and an insightful discussion with the speakers. The participants posed numerous questions, delving into both legal and technical aspects, showcasing a keen interest in the subject matter. The collaborative effort with EuroISPA played a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth execution of the event, contributing to its overall success. Whalebone expresses gratitude to EuroISPA for their valuable support, making the webinar a pleasant and enriching experience for all involved.

Recording of the event is available https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGoHOYBxnI8