Nordic Domain Days: Connecting the Domain Name Industry

The recent Nordic Domain Days conference, held on May 13-14 in Stockholm, successfully brought together key players from the domain name industry. Registries, registrars, resellers, service providers, and investors converged for a dynamic two-day event focused on networking and sharing industry insights.

NDD 2024 - Tisdag - Michal Havelka-1

Key Highlights: Policy & Tech Session

One of the standout sessions was the Policy & Tech segment, featuring Michal Havelka, Product Manager at Whalebone. Havelka presented on a critical and timely topic: "DNS4EU: Protective DNS Service for 100 Million Users." His presentation delved into the ambitious project aimed at developing next-generation EU-based protective DNS services.

DNS4EU: Enhancing Cybersecurity

Havelka’s talk explored the mechanics of the DNS4EU project, emphasising the crucial role of Threat Intelligence. He highlighted how this protective DNS service is designed to be both highly effective and easily distributable, providing robust defense against cyber threats. The service aims to safeguard up to 100 million users across the EU, marking a significant advancement in cybersecurity for the region.

Networking and Knowledge Sharing

Throughout the event, attendees engaged in valuable networking opportunities, exchanging insights and forging new partnerships. The conference facilitated a collaborative environment where industry professionals could discuss current challenges and future trends.

Nordic Domain Days 2024 proved to be a vital gathering for the domain name industry, offering a unique platform for live interaction and in-depth discussions.

Details at a glance:
Date: 13. - 14.5.2024
Venue: Stockholm, Sweden
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