DNS4EU Webinar for Healthcare Sector

On July 2, 2024, we hosted an illuminating webinar titled "Cyber threats in the health sector." This event, brought to fruition through the collaboration between the consortium leader Whalebone and the National Directorate of Cyber Security (DNSC), provided valuable insights into the pressing issue of cyber threats within the healthcare sector.

DNSC webinar

Key Highlights

  • Presentation by the National Directorate of Cyber Security (DNSC) - The event kicked off with a comprehensive presentation by the DNSC, offering an overview of their initiatives and the role they play in safeguarding Romania’s cyber landscape.

  • Cyber Threats in the Romanian Healthcare Sector (DNSC)- The session highlighted specific cyber threats faced by the Romanian healthcare sector. Experts delved into real-world examples, shedding light on vulnerabilities and the proactive measures being taken to counteract these threats.

  • Overview of the DNS4EU Project (Whalebone) - A significant portion of the webinar was dedicated to the DNS4EU project, spearheaded by Whalebone. Attendees were presented with an overview of this ambitious initiative, which aims to bolster Europe’s digital infrastructure. The discussion included examples of best practices and successful implementations from across Europe.


Diverse and Engaged Audience

The webinar attracted a diverse audience, including representatives from both the public and private health sectors, ministries, hospitals, public health directorates, ambulance services, academia, health houses, research institutes, and non-governmental organisations. 

Watch the Webinar

If you missed the live event, don’t worry! You can still access the full webinar recording here: 


We extend our gratitude to all participants and look forward to continuing our work towards a more secure and resilient healthcare infrastructure in Europe.