Data protection and privacy in DNS4EU Project

Data protection and security compliance are critical issues impacting every company and organisation. The EU has implemented a demanding and evolving legal framework that governs data protection and network and information security, which is particularly relevant for the telecommunications sector. The DNS4EU project addresses the requirements imposed by this framework with a dedicated legal and ethics work package. 


With respect to privacy and data protection, the well-known General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the central piece of legislation. It defines personal data as any information related to an identified or identifiable natural person. This can include direct or indirect identifiers like names, identification numbers, location data, and online identifiers. Essentially, any information that can be linked back to an individual qualifies as personal data. For electronic communications to occur, personal data typically must be processed in order to bring a message from a sender to a recipient. As a result, the GDPR applies to most forms of communication.

The DNS4EU project expects to process substantial data volumes, including potentially identifiable information such as IP addresses (which can indeed, under some circumstances, be linked to a specific natural person). Therefore, it is necessary for the consortium to comply with the applicable legal framework relating to privacy, data protection, and cybersecurity.

Timelex plays an integral role in the DNS4EU Project by identifying the existing and upcoming legal framework and conducting relevant data protection assessments for DNS4EU. Through such assessments, measures are identified and documented that reduce the risk of negative impacts on natural persons. Additionally, Timelex assists the consortium with navigating the legal landscape to ensure a safe Internet, and with drafting policies and security recommendations within the legal landscape.

Timelex is a leading boutique law firm based in Brussels, specialised in the legal aspects of information technology (IT), privacy & data protection, intellectual property, and media & electronic communications. At Timelex, we deal with all legal issues encountered in the creation, management, and exploitation of information and technology, in all its diverse forms.

Established in 2007, Timelex has grown to be internationally recognised and is consistently ranked as a top-tier and leading law firm in international law firm rankings such as Legal 500 and Chambers. Timelex assists various multinationals, SMEs, and start-ups, as well as public sector clients.

The firm’s work in research and consultancy projects funded by the European Commission covers critical areas such as data protection, cybersecurity, e-business, and e-government. Timelex is proud to be a member of the DNS4EU consortium, dedicated to ensuring data protection and privacy across Europe.

This blog post was written by Timelex, a member of DNS4EU consortium.

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