Highlights from BSDA 2024 Conference

The Black Sea Defence & Aerospace BSDA 2024 is the largest defense & aerospace exhibition held in
the Black Sea region. This year, the event took place in Bucharest, Romania, in Romaero Venue, between May 22-24.

BSDA, the international tri service Defence, Aerospace and Security exhibition,
takes place every two years to gather the whole offer and demand of the domains. It was created in
its original form in 2007 and has never stopped evolving. Attendees’ numbers always increased,
visitors as well as exhibitors. BSDA brings together worldwide exhibitors, specialised visitors and
official military delegations around the world. BSDA is not just an exhibition but is the best platform
to showcase in life-size and live demos numerous equipment and systems, make presentations
during conferences and workshops.



The BSDA 2024 was organised in collaboration with the Romanian Ministry of National Defense. It
brought together industry leaders and governmental decision-makers with competencies in this field.
In the context of new geopolitical and social realities, the Romanian Government is seeking to
upgrade and secure its citizens, critical infrastructure, and borders. The main theme of the event was
Security & Safety Challenges in the Never-Ending Environmental Changes ; Advancing

The exhibition themes included the following topics:
● Land defense
● Air defense
● Sea defense
● Cyber defense
● Space defense

Team members from the DNSC presented their current projects in the field of cybersecurity at a
dedicated session during the Black Sea Defense, Aerospace, and Security International Exhibition
BSDA 2024, held in Bucharest on May 22. The DNS4EU project was showcased to exhibitors and
participants who visited our booth. The event provided an opportunity to discuss with stakeholders
from both the public and private information technology sectors about the main opportunities and
their impact on cybersecurity, aiming to strengthen European technological sovereignty by providing a
significant alternative and improving the situation of DNS servers in Europe.

Details at a glance:
Date: 22 - 24/5/2024
Venue: Bucharest, Romania 
More information: https://www.bsda.ro/