Exploring the Future of Security at Banche e Sicurezza 2024 in Milan

On May 14-15, Milan played host to Banche e Sicurezza, the annual event promoted by ABI in collaboration with ABI Lab, CertFin, and OSSIF. This prestigious gathering is dedicated to exploring the latest frontiers in both physical and digital security within the banking, financial, and insurance sectors.

Banche e SIcurezza 2024 Adam Merka

This year's event attracted approximately 200 attendees, all eager to delve into critical topics shaping the industry's future. The key themes discussed over the two days included:

  • Present and Future of Cybersecurity
  • The Financial Fraud Landscape
  • Physical Security: Regulation and Innovation in Future Banking
  • New Regulatory Challenges for the Financial Sector
  • The Challenges of Quantum Computing
  • DORA: Resilience Becomes a Standard
  • AI: The New Frontier in Cybersecurity
  • New Malware and Old Threats: Tackling Them with Threat Intelligence
  • Supply Chain and Suppliers: The Value of Monitoring
  • AI, Quantum Computing, and New Technologies: What Future for Banks?

A notable highlight was the Threat Intelligence session, where DNS4EU had the opportunity to present its project to an audience of more than 60 sector experts. This presentation showcased the goal of DNS4EU: to ensure the digital sovereignty of the EU by providing a private, safe, and independent European DNS resolver.

Banche e Sicurezza 2024 in Milan was a resounding success, offering valuable insights and fostering discussions that will help shape the future of security in the banking and financial sectors. It was also a great opportunity for our Consortium Members, ABI Lab and Whalebone, to present the goals of DNS4EU. 

Details at a glance:
Date: 14. - 15.5.2024
Venue: Milan, Italy
More information: https://banchesicurezza.abieventi.it/